Sponsor Licence

Sponsor Licence

If your business needs to employ migrant workers, you will need to obtain a Sponsorship licence. A licence is permission given to an organisation to sponsor workers in its business.

You will need to show you have a genuine business legally operating in the UK, are able to offer genuine employment at the appropriate skill level and salary and are honest and reliable and will be able to carry out your sponsorship duties.

You will be required to appoint an ‘Authorising Officer’.  The Authorising Officer must be the most senior person responsible for the recruitment of all migrant workers or be the most senior person who will be responsible for your activity as a licensed sponsor.

You will need to have a robust human resource and recruitment system in place to be able to comply with your Sponsorship duties and to maintain record as evidence of your compliance. If the Home Office has concerns about your ability to comply, your licence application could be refused or your licence being revoked after being granted.

How can we assist with your application?

Our expert team of immigration lawyers will represent you in your application. We will prepare and submit your application to the Home Office and ensure that you have submitted all the documents that are required to ensure that your application has the best prospects of success