Skilled Worker Visa

Skilled worker visa is the immigration route which enables employers in the UK to hire foreign workers to fill jobs that cannot be filled by someone already in the UK.

Eligibility requirements for Skilled Worker visa:

  • Have a confirmed job offer from an employer in the UK (sponsor)
  • The role must be at the appropriate skills level and meet the salary requirement
  • Meet the English language and maintenance requirement
  • Have a certificate of sponsorship

In order to meet the appropriate skills level, the role will need to be at level 3 or above on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

The minimum salary requirement is £25,600 per year or the going rate for the occupation, whichever is higher.

You employer will need to request and assign a certificate of sponsorship. By assigning the certificate of sponsorship, your employer is confirming that the role you have been recruited for meets the Home Office requirements.

Your spouse and children under the age of 18 can apply as dependants.

How can we assist with your application?

Our expert team of immigration lawyers will represent you in your application. We will prepare and submit your application to the Home Office and ensure that you have submitted all the documents that are required to ensure that your application has the best prospects of success.