Are you an employer and considering applying for a sponsor licence under the priority process to employ workers from overseas?

The Home Office has introduced a paid service where businesses seeking to apply for a sponsor licence can now request for their application to be processed within 10 working days. The standard processing time for a sponsor licence application is up to eight weeks.

How do you apply for the priority service?

After you have submitted your sponsor licence application and accompanying documents, you will need to submit a separate request to the Home Office to use the priority service. A priority service request form must be completed and sent via email to the Home Office once the sponsor licence application has been submitted.  Your email should have a duly completed ‘priority service request form’ attached. The service is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.  Any requests made outside these hours will not be considered.

The Home Office has limited the priority slots to 10 applications per day. This means that if you send a Pre-Licence priority service request email after the 10 slots have been allocated for the day, your request will not be successful for that day. You could always try re-applying again another day if you are keen on obtaining a slot.

Once your request is accepted, you will receive an email from the Home Office with further instructions. You will also receive a worldpay link to allow you to make payment for the priority service fee. This payment page will expire within 72 hours. If the payment is not completed in time, the priority request will expire and a further request will be required.

How much does the priority service cost?

The employer will be required to pay an additional fee of £500.

Tips/ Pointers when availing of this service.

  • It is important to remember that the Pre-Licence priority service does not guarantee your application will be processed within ten working days. Complex cases or those with missing information may take longer. Your fees will not be refunded should the Home Office take longer to make a decision due to missing information or due to the complex nature of your application.
  • The ten working days period only starts from the working day after you pay the £500 priority application fee.

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