Do you need an Immigration Lawyer to assist with a sponsor licence application?

As Brexit has now brought free movement to an end, many sectors across the UK have been struggling to recruit staff. The UK now lacks skilled workers in number of different industrial sectors like, technology, finance, hospitality, medical etc. Due to the shortage of staff that employers are now facing, they are choosing to recruit from overseas to fill the gap in the labour market.  To sponsor a skilled worker from overseas, employers will first need to obtain a skilled worker sponsor licence.

A sponsor licence allows UK-based companies to employ skilled workers who are based overseas or within the UK (applicants can “switch” into the Skilled Worker visa from most other visa types, for example Tier 4 Student visas or Tier 5 Youth Mobility visas).

The sponsor licence process can be quite complex based on the nature of the business. The documents and  requirements for a sponsor licence application differ depending on the type and nature of the business. Whilst there is no legal requirement to use an immigration lawyer it is always sensible to instruct a lawyer who has vast experience in dealing with sponsor licence applications as they can help you navigate the complex  application process.

How can Mulgrave Law assist with a skilled worker sponsor licence application

  • Our lawyers at Mulgrave law have years of experience with assisting business obtain sponsor licences. They have worked with a number of different businesses in various sectors such as Technology, Hospitality, Entertainments, Media, Banking and Finance etc.
  • They have worked with business which range from SMEs to multinational companies.
  • Mulgrave Law usually provides a free initial consultation to help the client understand the application process and the HR compliance which they will need to adhere to, in order to ensure that they meet the Home Office requirements.
  • As part of our service, we also provide a free HR audit and assistance with HR compliance to ensure that you meet the Home Office’s requirement.
  • Expert legal assistance to ensure that the application process is smooth, swift and stress free for the client’s
  • We also provide an expedited sponsor licence process using the Home Office’s priority services ( if available).

Assistance once you are granted a sponsor licence

Once you have obtained a sponsor licence, we provide the following additional services.

  • Assistance with requesting and assigning a certificate of sponsorship.
  • Ensuring the role that we are requesting a certificate of sponsorship for meets the minimum salary requirement based on the job description/ soc code.
  • Assistance with UK visa applications for members of staff.
  • Ongoing compliance and maintenance of the Sponsor Management System.
  • Related Corporate Immigration Advice

Our Immigration Lawyers at Mulgrave Law have experience with dealing with all aspects of UK Immigration Law. Mulgrave Law is based in London serving clients across the globe, with years of experience dealing with complex immigration matters.

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