How can Immigration Lawyer help you make a successful application?

If you need to submit a UK immigration application an Immigration lawyer can make the process seamless and provide crucial assistance which will ensure that your application is successful.

UK Immigration laws can be complex and difficult to navigate. Given below are a few examples how a lawyer’s assistance can help applicants reach a successful outcome with their UK Immigration application:

Assessing your Immigration history and relevant details

An immigration lawyers usually have the experience of dealing withnumber of applications under the same category that you may be applying under. This experience gives them the foresight needed to assess your application, immigration history and request relevant details which may be crucial to your case. A good immigration lawyer will assess your case and will advise you of the positive and negative aspects of your case.

Providing a detailed list of documents specific to your case.

The Home Office provides a generic list of documents that the applicant needs to provide with theirapplication to ensure a successful outcome. This generic list is not comprehensive and might not list some of the most crucial documents which might either lead to a refusal or a delay in the application being processed.  A UK Immigration lawyer who has experience would be able to provide his clients with a detailed list of requisite documents which is specific to your case, which will ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

Complete the Application form on your behalf

Whilst completing an online application form might sound very straightforward, it might not be as easy as one thinks. A UK Immigration application must be filled in accurately and truthfully. There have been instances where the applicant has forgotten to declare a visa refusal from years ago which has caused the Home Office to refuse their application for failing to declare the same. Failing to disclose relevant information or filing the form inaccurately can have serious consequences for the applicant. An experienced immigration lawyer knows exactly how crucial providing the correct information is to ensure a successful outcome. Having an immigration lawyer who can guide you through the process can make all the difference. An immigration lawyer will help you draft your application accurately and make sure that everything is in place and that you are eligible for the visa that you are applying for. This would then mean that your chances of refusal are lowered significantly.

Checking your documents prior to submission.

It is vital that your paperwork is correct and that you have provided evidence for everything that is asked for by the home office. They do not work in leniency and errors will be punished with an almost instant refusal.  It is a lawyer’s duty to ensure that all ends are covered, and the client has all the documents that are needed to reach a successful outcome.

Assistance with uploading documents

Once the application is submitted, the applicant usually needs to submit documents to the Home Office. This now done electronically by uploading the documents through a third-party company.  The Home Office have various categories on the online portal and each document that you are providing must uploaded to the correct category. An immigration lawyer who has experience with similar applications will know exactly how to upload the documents on your behalf in the right order.

Liaising with the Home Office on your behalf

The Immigration lawyer’s job does not end at submission but most times, they will remain on record and liaise with the Home Office if required. Given that they have experience with dealing with the Home Office, your lawyer would know exactly how to respond to any queries, thereby making the process easy and stress free for the applicant.

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