I’m applying for a Skilled Worker visa; can my family join me?

Under most immigration routes you can bring your dependants to the UK including the Skilled Worker route.

Who can be considered your dependants?

  • Spouse/Civil Partner
  • Unmarried Partner if you have been living together in a relationship for at least two years
  • Children under the age of 18

If your child is over the age of 16, they must be living with you (unless they are in full-time education at College/University), be financially supported by you and not be married or leading an independent life.

When can my dependants apply for a dependant visa?

Dependantscan apply at the same time as the Skilled worker(main applicant)or can apply at a later date. Regardless of when dependants apply, they will be granted leave in line with the end date of the main applicant’s leave.

Do my dependants need to meetthe financial requirement?

If the Skilled worker is being sponsored by an A rated Sponsor who have agreed to certify maintenancefor the Skilled worker and their dependants, the financial requirement is automatically met, and no further evidence is required.

If maintenance is not certified by the Sponsor, dependants will need to meet the financial requirement and the following funds must be available to support the application:

  • £285 for a dependent partner
  • £315 for the first dependent child
  • £200 for any other dependent child

The Skilled worker (main applicant) will need to show £1270 to support their application.

For example, a Skilled worker applying with his partner and one child will need to show funds in the amount of £1870.

The funds must have been held for a consecutive 28-day period and the most recent financial evidence must be dated within 31 days of the date of submission of the application.

Can my dependants work in the UK?

There are no restrictions on dependants taking up employment in the UK except for working as a professional sportsperson (including a sports coach).

Dependants can be employed or work as self-employed.

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